Salary From İŞKUR to Unemployed Citizens

Salary From İŞKUR to Unemployed Citizens

Insured unemployed people are paid for the amount and amount of time declared in accordance with the same law during the period of unemployment, of individuals who comply with the conditions determined under the Unemployment Insurance Law No. 4447. This salary is a social aid to meet the basic needs of unemployed people until they find a new job and to keep their quality of life to a certain standard. Within the scope of the amendment made in 2020; The conditions of unemployment pension, the procedure applied in case of resignation and similar layoffs and the duration of the unemployment pension were determined. So what is unemployment benefits? Who can get unemployment benefits? What is the unemployment benefit? How many days does the salary lie after leaving work? Here are all the details about the unemployment pension …
Under the Unemployment Insurance Law, insured employees who are laid off without a valid reason can receive a salary during the unemployment period. The duration of this salary is determined by the state between 6-10 months. Individuals who are eligible for unemployment benefits can make their applications through the İŞKUR and e-government portal within 30 days of termination of the employment contract.

What is Unemployment Benefit?

Temporary financial support, which covers the loss of income to some extent during the period of unemployment of the employee whose employment is terminated with the initiative of the employer, is called unemployment insurance. Unemployment benefits are paid to the people who are laid off by the employer for a certain period of time. The amount of unemployment benefits, which is regulated every year by considering various factors, is determined according to the amount of the premium paid by the person during his employment.


What are the Unemployment Benefit Conditions?

To work with the service contract in the last 120 days before the end of the employment contract,
Working as an insured 600 days and paying unemployment insurance premium in the last three years.
Apply within 30 days from the date of termination of the employment contract.
Termination of the service contract by the employer.
The termination of the contract of service by the worker on a “justified” reason.
Being dismissed due to changing hands of the workplace or passing to someone else, closing or closing, or changing the quality of the work or workplace

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefit?

Application for unemployment benefits must be made within 30 days of termination of the employment contract. The application can be made to İŞKUR in person or can be completed through the e-government portal. If it is not applied within 30 days, except for force majeure, the delayed application is deducted from the total entitlement period.

Besides the citizens who will apply to İŞKUR in person, T.C. the identity card with the identification number, the employment certificate and the unemployment benefit.

What Is The 2020 Unemployment Benefit?

After the announcement of the minimum wage, the amount of unemployment benefits to be given in 2020 was also determined. The minimum unemployment benefit is 40 percent of the minimum wage; the highest wage can be given at the rate of 80 percent. Only stamp duty is levied on this fee. According to this, the unemployment benefit stamp tax calculated over the minimum wage is deducted; the lowest was announced as 1.177 TL and the highest as 2.354 TL.

How Long Can I Get Unemployment Benefits?

According to İŞKUR’s official website, the duration of the unemployment benefit;

180 days for the insured unemployed, who worked 600 days insured and paid unemployment insurance premium,
240 days for the unemployed unemployed, who worked 900 days insured and paid unemployment insurance premium,
300 days for the unemployed unemployed, who have worked with 1080 insured and paid unemployment insurance premium.
What are the Conditions to be Notified by the Person during the Unemployment Benefit?

During the unemployment benefit received; The situation should be reported to the nearest İŞKUR or Alo170 within 15 days in case of changing the address of residence, getting an old age pension from any social security institution, making it restful by the authorized health institution, taking it in silahalt, going abroad, returning to work with a court decision.

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