Watch Woman Playing Violin While Surgeons Take Tumor From Her Brain!

Watch Woman Playing Violin While Surgeons Take Tumor From Her Brain!

A violin artist played violin while removing the tumor in his brain, helping surgeons avoid harming the brain during surgery.

Surgeons have developed a new approach to ensure that sensitive areas of Dagmar Turner’s brain responsible for complex hand movements are not affected during application.

Turner, a 53-year-old musician with the Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra in southern England, was found to have a slow-growing tumor after having a seizure during a concert in 2013.

Watch Woman Playing Violin While Surgeons Take Tumor From Her Brain!

Finally he decided to operate. Professor Keyoumars Ashkan, a neurosurgeon at King’s College Hospital in South London, has launched a plan to protect vital cells in the right frontal lobe of his brain.

This area is very close to the part of the brain that controls the micro movements needed to regulate the slope and timbre of a violin.

The medical team suggested that Turner be woken in the middle of the application so Turner could play his violin and be watched to ensure that his coordination was not affected.

In the video footage of the operation, Turner was shown to play the violin while watching the doctors’ movements on the screens.


“We do about 400 resections (tumor removal) each year, which often leads patients to take language tests,” Ashkan said at a hospital on Tuesday, but for the first time I had a patient playing an instrument. ”

“We managed to get more than 90 percent of the tumor, including all areas where aggressive activity is suspected, while maintaining full function in the left hand.”

“The thought of losing my playing ability was very heartbreaking for me.” Turner

“The Ashkan and King’s team planned everything from a mapping of my brain to the best position so I could steal it.”

Turner, who has a 13-year-old son and has been playing the violin since he was 10, went through some kind of procedure and left the hospital 3 days after surgery.

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