Magnetar is the Most Dangerous and Unstable Presence in Space!

Magnetar is the Most Dangerous and Unstable Presence in Space!

Magnetar is the Most Dangerous and Most Unstable Being of the Universe!

Isn’t the Most Dangerous Being in Space a Black Hole?

When we say what is the most dangerous being in the universe, we most likely get the black hole answer.

Yes, it might actually look quite dangerous and creepy when looking at black holes. As a result, we know that even the light, which swallows everything around it, cannot escape from it, smash everything that it affects.

In fact, black holes are quite calm. Black holes are the ghost of the star that was once there.

The black hole is calm because it cannot attract you as long as you are not far from the event horizon unless you enter the bottom of the black hole because the area of ​​influence is rather narrow. But the same cannot be said for Magnetars.

Magnetar is the Most Dangerous and Unstable Presence in Space!

Why Magnetars Are Dangerous?

Magnetars are the most complex, unstable, strangest and most dangerous beings of the universe.

Because magnetars are indecisive, they use that horrible energy in them to destroy the people around them. Magnetars are actually a star, but there are also serious differences from the stars.

What are the differences of Magnetars from the Stars?

First of all, we need to know what stars are for this. The stars are alive because they are born, grow, spend energy to live and die.

So how do the stars die?

It disappears when the fuel in the stars, that is, hydrogen ends and collapses into the nucleus of the star, turns into a white dwarf or explodes as a supernova.

When our sun ends its life, it collapses into it due to its low mass and turns into a white dwarf.

But this does not apply to every star, it is different for our star to end the life of stars that are three or fifty times as big. Deaths of such stars are generally very fantastic.

Such stars turn into black holes or neutron stars according to their mass with the explosion of nova and supernova. In fact, neutron star is one of these two endings in magnetars.

What is a Neutron Star?

It occurs when a star that has enough mass to turn into a neutron star collapses into a star that has finished hydrogen and helium.

The reason the star collapses into the star is that the gravitational pull prevails as a result of the star, which has no energy in it, can not resist gravity.

Sometimes, when this explosion is not too big, protons and electrons in the atoms of the star fuse due to the intensity of gravity and turn into Neutrons. They shrink many times smaller than their size before converting to neutron.

For example, if our sun collapsed into it, it would shrink as much as a football field. We know that neutron stars can retain the power they have inside, even if they are smaller than their old ones.

Neutron star ; It is a strange celestial body consisting of pure neutrons that regularly throw magnetic waves around it. Neutron stars spin very quickly around themselves, some can rotate around them in just one second.

Neutron stars that rotate smoothly around themselves emit powerful gamma rays around them, we have already discovered them thanks to this, but not all of them regularly emit gamma rays. Neutron stars are not very dangerous, but if the neutron star has turned into a magnetar, we cannot say that.

What is Magnetar, How Is It Formed?

Magnetar is the Most Dangerous and Unstable Presence in Space!

Although it is not known exactly how magnetars form, magnetar is born in one out of every ten supernovae according to estimates.

According to some scientists, Magnetars come across a very unstable neutron star due to the fact that a star that should be able to turn into a black hole cannot turn into a black hole, that its mass is not enough to turn into a black hole, and that it has too much mass to turn into a neutron star. This makes it one of the most dangerous structures in the universe.

Magnetars are more than quadrillion stronger than any magnet you can think of. Example to prove its strength; For example, if we had a magnetar instead of our sun, it would even pull out the iron in our body.

In addition, he would absorb all the magnetic objects around him. This would have attracted our entire solar system.

That’s why magnetars are so dangerous.

They do not give any chance to live to any magnetic beings around. They are so strong that they don’t forgive any magnetic beings around. They are strong enough to pull the iron in the blood to the last part of the people. Of course, it doesn’t stay as much.

Like magnetars, neutron stars rotate around at an excellent speed, but magnetic fields like neutron stars are not regular.

The magnetic structure of magnetars sometimes decreases and sometimes rises very, very high. Sometimes this magnetic field can reach the power to affect even objects that are thousands of light years away.

That’s why making magnetars one of the most dangerous beings of the universe.

You can pass the black hole with your spaceship by watching it without entering its magnetic field. But when you start seeing a magnetar with your eyes, it is impossible for your end to be anything but death.

Interesting discoveries about magnetars

According to the latest research, earthquakes are experienced in magnetars just like earthquakes in the world. In our world, just like in the friction between the plates and earthquakes, this happens in magnetars.

No star and neutron stars we know will experience earthquakes. The reason for the earthquake in magnetars is in foreign matter other than pure neutron in the formation of magnetars.

These substances occur due to the friction between the two plates formed by foreign atoms stuck in the lower layers of the magnetar while trying to get out of the layers formed from the neutron star.

When these earthquakes occur, magnetars are also known to be more dangerous at that moment, thanks to this effect, they can even smash the surrounding stars.

Magnetars are very dangerous but besides this negative feature, Magnetars have a shorter life than white dwarfs, black holes and neutron stars, and it is known that they can live up to two million years.

Magnetars also turn into a white dwarf that has not been traced before.

What would happen if it changed to magnetar for a moment instead of our sun?

We would have died without understanding what happened, because the first thing the magnetar would do would be to draw all the metal on our planet to it.

Since the core of our world has a magnetic field in it, it will pull it out and it will probably absorb the world without it.

Are Magnetars Threatening Our World?

According to the researches, no magnetars close enough to affect the world have been found.

So, can a magnetar occur as a result of the star bursting close to us? We can say why not.

As we do not encounter such a thing as of now, we can keep ourselves fresh and live every day of our lives to the fullest …

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