Is there gravity in space?

gravity in space
Is there gravity in space?

Is there gravity in space? Astronauts may think again about feeling weightless during a space flight, but somehow don’t be fooled by the misleading term “zero gravity.” Every object in space still  feels gravity .

Earth’s gravity affects everything on or near the planet’s surface. We feel the force of gravity on Earth through mass, and this force also turns into a 9.8 square meter (32 ft / s ^ 2) shot per second.

Is there gravity in space?

Gravity represents mutual attraction between two objects, and the strength of this attraction depends on both the mass and the distance between the object. As anyone who wants to lose a few pounds first-hand knows, the larger mass causes a larger gravitational pull.

A spacecraft or space station creates enough horizontal velocity against Earth’s downward pull, constantly sliding sideways and forming an orbit when simultaneously falling towards the planet.

For example, the space shuttle usually travels around 17,000 to 18,000 mph to stay in the air. Continuous free fall around the planet gives the impression of weightlessness.

Large objects with enormous mass can transform their gravitational effects into far greater distances. The Moon maintains a freely falling orbit around the Earth, and the Earth itself remains in orbit around the Sun.

Our sun contains more than 99 percent of the entire mass in the solar system . This explains why his attraction managed to affect eight planets , along with Pluto and many other objects .

Even asteroids and other small space rocks attract weak gravity.

Einstein’s Significant Analogy About Gravity in Space

gravity in space
Is there gravity in space?

Albert Einstein  proposed another way to think about gravity in space . Imagine that the 3D universe is a flat, 2D page. Every object in space behaves like a ball that heats the spacetime fabric and creates a bulge like a shallow depression on the ground.

Space – time curvature has an inward effect on the path of other objects, and especially on smaller passing objects. Larger objects created larger space-time bloating pockets such as black holes, while small objects such as human beings almost represented a notch.

Thus, gravity can be anywhere in space, but this does not prevent astronauts or others from describing the feeling of weightlessness. Sometimes the illusion of human experience sounds more than scientific facts.

* Illusion: It is the wrong evaluation of the impressions of a real object on the senses.

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