Interesting Sleeping Habits of the Five Great Geniuses!

Lack of sleep is a big problem today and has many negative effects in our daily life.

However, sleep is important and not to be missed. If you have trouble sleeping, here are the interesting sleeping habits of the inventors and thinkers!

Maybe it can help you create a sleep pattern that works for you.

Respectively; We wish you pleasant reading of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Dickens, Beethoven sleeping habits .

Albert Einstein

Interesting Sleeping Habits of the Five Great Geniuses!

The name of Albert Einstein is synonymous with the word even in the mind of most people, and many of us have seen portraits in classrooms and laboratories throughout our education.

It is said that Einstein slept exactly 10 hours a night, which is well above the average sleep time.

Nikola Tesla

Besides being a pioneer, inventor and a different legend in electrical engineering, Nikola Tesla is responsible for the development of alternating current and countless revolutionary ideas.

Tesla’s sleep habits were strange just like any other job. He wouldn’t sleep for more than a few hours every night, but he would compensate them with regular shortcuts.

In his words, he would “recharge his batteries”.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Interesting Sleeping Habits of the Five Great Geniuses!

Leonard da Vinci is one of the most successful people in history and pioneers of the Renaissance.

The multi-phase sleep process he is working on is called “Leonardo Da Vinci Sleep”, which includes Da Vinci’s splitting sleep into short periods.

– Each session takes between 20 minutes and 2 hours

– He slept like this twice a day. Thus, it reached a total of 5 hours every 24 hours. The advantage of these split sleep sessions was that Da Vinci did not have to stay still for a certain period of time.

This type of sleep routine  is also called the ‘Uberman’ sleep program and may not be suitable for most people.

Most people are not Da Vinci anyway!

Charles Dickens

Dickens was a famous insomnia patient and had a few strange habits to deal with the disease. For example, the bed would always look north and even take a compass everywhere to make sure. Secondly, he walked the streets of London after trying to sleep and sleep some times.


Famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven was a productive but complex personality. He suffered from many diseases. However, there was an interesting normal sleep routine: he would sleep at 10 am and wake up at 6 in the morning.

He helped countless insomnia patients around the world with his music, even though he had no problems with sleep loss.

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